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Keith Varney
Keith Varney Headshot

Keith Varney has written Book, Music and Lyrics in various combinations for I GOT FIRED (NYMF, DIMF - Best American Musical), BLOODY, BLOODY JESSICA FLETCHER, ELWAY: THE MUSICAL, THE OTHER SEX, JOSHUA: THE MUSICAL, PIE EATER & SCOOBY DOOSICAL. He has also written songs for Submissions Only, Hot Mess in Manhattan, See You Lighter, My Mother is a Sex Therapist & Dystopia Gardens. As an actor he has performed professionally in musicals including Les Miserables, The Producers, The Full Monty, Titanic and I Got Fired (Best Actor in a Musical - DIMF). He has a degree in classical voice from the Eastman School of Music. He is also written the horror novel THE DEAD CIRCLE and its sequel BENEATH THE SNOW



photo by Michelle Horowitz

photo by Michael Thomas Holmes

Keith Varney in Stranger Things: The Musical

from Stranger Things: The Musical

Keith Varney in Submissions Only

from Submissions Only

“The buoyant, snarky workplace show... timely on a number of levels... Varney's book is often quite funny ... the cast is terrific in selling their roles. And they’re vocally impressive to boot — particularly Varney, whose voice seems big enough to fill a stadium. The score needs no fine tuning. It's melodic and inventive, and the lyrics fit in well with the sassy energy of the show... You hate to take delight from someone losing his job, but I’m certainly glad bring us this enjoyable new musical..”
Review of I Got Fired at
"Really, out of all the numbers, only one number I needed to burn out of my head with how awful it was – a jump-the-shark moment level of awful as Mess sponsors an Asian baby (don’t ask), sings to it and it appears in puppet form and sings. When this was happening, I double-checked…no, I was not on crystal meth"
Review of Keith's song "A Song to Singpod" at
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